Moto Pro 4 channels TENS/EMS unit
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Moto Pro 4 channels TENS/EMS unit

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1 Moto Pro device 4 cables for connecting electrodes 2 cables for treatments with MCR and ionophoresis 4 self-adhesive and rectangular electrodes 1 battery charger 1 carry case

Product description
Downloadable documents
Product reviews

The Globus Moto Pro is a high-level, 4-channel, multi-functional electro-therapy unit (electrostimulator). We recommend this tool especially for the motoring enthusiasts, as well as the motorcycle quad, car, go-kart, and rally racers. 
The general pain relief, microcurrent, muscle stimulator, iontophoresis and beauty programs are exactly the same as those of the Runner Pro, Triathlon Pro, Cycling Pro, Soccer Pro, Genesy 300 Pro or the The Champion units.
The difference is that the Moto Pro features a bunch of special programs for motorcycle racers, supporting their preparation, development, preventive, and recovery goals, furthermore, they promote a speedy recovery from the typical injuries.

About the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) in general

By use of muscle stimulation, a single muscle or a few muscles, muscle groups can be treated. The treatment is carried out by placing the electrodes onto the skin over the muscle to be treated, parallel to the run of the muscle fibers.

The impulse delivered by the unit induces the contraction of the muscles. The impulse only triggers the contraction, the muscle itself contracts naturally. However, the natural muscle stimulation is always “controlled", the brain “permits” the involvement of only a certain number of muscle fibers for the execution of the movement. By stimulation, you “bypass” this limit, thereby a much cleaner and stronger muscle contraction can be elicited.

Therefore, the stimulation exerts a more powerful effect on the treated muscle than the workouts. Of course, it affects only the treated muscles , thus it is a tool that was designed for something else entirely than the training itself, i.e., it is not a substitute, but a complementary method!

Depending on the frequence, shape, and duration of the impulse, it results in different treatment effects: relaxes the muscle, improves circulation, strengthen, thicken the muscle fibers, or increases the overall muscular strength.  

The main areas of application of electrical muscle stimulation in sports


  • Warm-up- it is essential for athletes prone to injury. The stimulation prepares the muscles for the load they will be subjected to. It improves muscle circulation, warms and relaxes the muscles, ligaments and tendons - injury prevention!
  • Capillarization- improve muscle blood supply, stimulation of capillary network growth
  • Speeds up muscle recovery (if the electrical muscle stimulation treatment is carried out within 2 hours after training, then 45-50% of the lactic acid, creatine kinase (CK) and other metabolites will be flushed out, it significantly shortens the muscle recovery time)
  • Relaxation of stiff muscles - it decreases reflex muscle stiffness following physical loading or due to injury 
  • It reduces muscle pain after injury and stimulates the healing process
  • In case of inactivity due to injury or surgery, it prevents decline in muscle strength (the unused muscle loses its strength rapidly as a consequence of forced inactivity - you can lose in 1-2 weeks, what you have developed during months of preparation - you can prevent it by electrical muscle stimulation).
  • It does not load the joints, thus it can immediately be started to use after arthritis / surgery, and it prevents the loss of muscle strength
  • It provides an additional muscle therapy for the major muscle groups of the body for people who are short on time (e.g. for cyclists, the quadriceps muscles are of primary importance - being the primary movers of the leg when they push through the pedal stroke - which can also be trained with the muscle stimulator e.g. while sitting in the office!)
  • The development training program can focus on the muscle, that is ordinarily not properly developing
  • This method provides such extra support for muscle development, that you can only partially get via conventional training approaches! 

Muscle stimulation programs 

The sport porgrams of Moto Pro ensure maximization of warm-up, capillarization, endurance, endurance strength, maximum muscle strength, explosiveness and of muscle recovery, which provide the development of physical performance and a faster recovery. There is evidence that by muscle stimulation, 45-50% of the metabolites can be removed from the muscle tissue, which accumulated during physical loading, thus the recovery time can significantly be reduced. 

Special programs supporting biker's preparation


19 PROGRAMS target the strengthening of those muscle groups, that are subjected to particularly high mechanical stress / load during motorcycle riding / car racing 

  • They aim to: improve and maintain the endurance during long distance motorcycle riding.
  • Strengthen the back and core muscles and to stabilize the trunk
  • Specific programs target to strengthen the muscles used in enduro, motocross and off-road motorcycling
  • Improve physical condition / endurance
  • Enhance reaction time and explosive strength

9 programs for the prevention and treatment of injuries 

  • They reduce neck and shoulder muscle tension
  • Hematoma reducing and contusion, /bruise managing programs
  • Rapid pain relieving effect in cases of back, shoulder, lower back, wrist, etc., pain
  • Treatment of injuries, inflammation of the knee joint and knee ligaments

5 Rehabilitation programs 

  • Aim to: reduce muscle stiffness after an all-day motorcycle ride
  • Speed up muscle recovery between the motorcycle races
  • Reduce fatigue in the trapezius, neck and upper limb muscles


The importance of microcurrent treatments

During the preparation phase, you need to train a lot, and with high-load. These training sessions impose a substantial load on the musculoligamentous system. There are hardly any motorcycle riders, who have not suffered from knee, shoulder, wrist or Achilles tendon pain. In response to the heavy and sustained overload, the ligaments react with inflammation, which hinders the preparation for competition, moreover, it can force to inactivity.

The microcurrent programs of the Globus Moto Pro unit have a healing accelerating, and anti-inflammatory effect (in contrast with the TENS currents, the use of which does not have a healing effect). The Moto Pro’s significant advantage over all other competing devices is that it has a large number of microcurrent programs, stimulating the healing of the most typical injuries. Here you can read more about the impact of microcurrent programs.

The Globus Moto Pro Electrostimulator’s programs


  • 32 SPECIFIC PROGRAMS: specific development programs aimed to improve the physical performance of the motorsport enthusiasts
  • 53 SPORT PROGRAMS (development of muscle fiber-specific skills, muscle recovery, capillarization, warm-up)
  • 58 FITNESS PROGRAMS (Toning, shredding, general fitness)
  • 23 MICROCURRENTS (pain relief and anti-inflammatory treatment, accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues and rapid healing)
  • 18 “3S” SERIAL SEQUENTIAL STIMULATION PROGRAM LIST includes 18 parameter combinations for edema treatment, and accelerating regeneration
  • 36 BEAUTY PROGRAMS (ideal for beauty treatments ) 
  • 13 SKIN-FACE PROGRAMS, presents the regenerative G-PULSE currents (proposed for Aesthetic and Beauty applications and able to regenerate the collagen production in the tissues. G-PULSE treatment is carried out with the special G-Trode handpiece, which can be purchased separately)
  • 12 PAIN RELIEF/TENS PROGRAMS (pain relieving programs without a healing effect, or eliminating the cause)
  • 7 ACTION NOW PROGRAM LIST includes 84 parameter combinations (the combination of active movements and muscle stimulation)
  • 3 REHAB PROGRAMS (to enhance recovery/rehabilitation after knee surgeries)
  • 1 Iontophoresis (treatment program primarily to accelerate the healing of joint injuries - the Iontophoresis kit is not included in the price)


Technical features of Moto Pro

  • Built-in training programs
  • 4 channels (8 electrodes)
  • Special features: Function 2+2 (possibility to run 2 different programs at the same time in 2 channel pairs - in the "2+2 mode” -, so you can manage both your e.g. knee and neck pain simultaneously)
  • Display: Backlit
  • Feedback mechanism: contact detection (contact sensors detecting contact with the patient) - treatment can only be started when the electrodes are in contact with the patient
  • Power supply: 7.2V, 1.8Ah rechargeable Ni-MH battery, with charger
  • Frequency: 0,3 - 150 Hz
  • Impulse width (Amplitude): 40 - 450 µs
  • Maximal intensity: 120 mA, adjustable between 0 and 120 mA
  • Constant current (CC) generator (guarantees a steady current flow in case of any skin conditions, furthermore, the unit stops the current flow if the electrode drops)
  • Compensated, biphasic square wave (the signal quality is constant from the positive to the negative pole, there is no polarization effect)
  • If the mains charger plug of the unit is connected to the mains electrical power source, treatment should not be initiated for safety reasons (it does not allow the unit to be switched on)
  • Használati útmutató Moto Pro készülékhez
    Mielőtt a készüléket használni kezdi, tanulmányozza át alaposan a használati útmutatót! Az eszköz funkcióinak és a működtetés módjának megismerése és megértése után tudja kihasználni azokat a funkciókat, melyekért az eszközt beszerezte.
  • Segédlet Globus elektrostimulátorok használatához
    A hatékony elektrostimuláció nem nélkülözheti az alapismereteket. Ez a kézikönyv segítséget nyújt a Globus készülékek használatához, beleértve működés ismertetését, továbbá az elektródák megfelelő felhelyezését, a kiegészítők használatának bemutatását is. Ezek az ismeretek biztosítják, hogy maximálisan kihasználja a készülék fájdalomcsillapító, izomstimuláló, izomerősítő, rehabilitációs és regenerációs képességeit.