Veinoplus Pac reusable electrode pair
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Veinoplus Pac reusable electrode pair

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The Veinoplus Pac Electrode is primarily recommended for Veinoplus devices, but is also suitable for use with any electrotheray device with pin-cable. 

Role of the self-adhesive electrode in electrostimulation:

  • During the treatment, the impulses are passed through the electrodes bonded to the skin.
  • The surface of the electrode contains a gel (gelatinous material) that provides impulse transmission to skin.
  • Without an electrode, treatment is not feasible.
  • The VeinOPlus Pack electrode can be reused for about 20-30x
  • After treatment, carefully detach from the skin and then replace to a plastic sheet.
  • The electrode can be used as long as the adhesive adheres properly.
  • If you no longer stick, the center dries get a new set.
  • Personal use is recommended for hygiene reasons

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pair of oval electrode, 8x13 cm diameter

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